Pacers program encourages kids to keep learning during summer


Summer is just about here, and it's a time for kids to take advantage of their break from school.

It's the off-season for most of the Pacers organization, but Boomer and his co-workers are connecting with kids all over the city this summer.

Kelli Towles is Pacers Community Relations.

"It is so important especially during the summertime, because a lot of those kids...kind of lose that focus, of what they've learned during the school year," said Towles.

Children of all ages are gathering outside local libraries for these one-hour reading sessions. This is the first summer reading tour organized by the Pacers.

Between now and the end of July the road show will have made more than 20 stops at library branches throughout Marion County.

"What they'll see is initially we'll have members of our all-star reading team, it could be police or firemen; we have some of our players, current players, former players, Pacemates, Boomer scheduled throughout the entire program," said Towles.

Several dozen children gathered for the event were delighted to be part of the first tour stop.

Anthony Smith thought "it was pretty cool."

We asked him what he liked best about the event. 

"The books. I like to read. I like mysteries."

Piper McKown said, "Yesterday I came here and there was this really good book. It's called 'The Rock and The River.' It's really a nice book."

Her sister Alicia McKown told us, "It's really fun, especially with Boomer here and a basketball player."

Kelli Towles told us, "The purpose of this [program] this summer is to not only get them to continue to learn those skills and hone those skills, but also to get them to embrace the love of reading."

The Pacers Fan Van is at the center of the tour, where visitors spin a prize wheel and can take home a souvenir.

The program runs through July 23rd.

See a schedule of Summer Reading Tour stops.