Pacers focused on stifling Knicks' defense for game two

Paul George at practice Tuesday

The tabloid headlines screamed that the Knicks were in "big trouble." Imagine if they go down 2-0 to the Pacers Tuesday night.

The headline referred not only to the Knicks' position in the series, but the size and strength of the Pacers. It was what made the difference in game one, and likely will be a factor again in game two. With the pressure building at Madison Square Garden, the Pacers understand the Knicks will start game two with force.

"That's a team that can get hot quick," said Paul George. "The same way they can get hot in a game, they can get hot in a series. Us winning one game gives us some confidence, but we've got to want game two just as bad as we wanted game one." 

Using their stifling defense to limit Carmelo Anthony to 10-28 shooting in the opener, the Pacers don't think there is a way to truly control the Knicks star. Their mission is to try and make things are difficult as possible. 

"I thought both teams played extremely physical. It's going to be that kind of series," Pacers coach Frank Vogel said. "I don't think we've won that physicality battle or anything like that. I think they played extremely hard and physical, and so did we."

Game two is at 7:00 pm tonight.

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