Pacers fever spreads across entire metro area

Pacers flags are waving across central Indiana in support of the team.
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The Indiana Pacers are thrilling their fans across the metro area.

As Indiana's only professional basketball team, the Pacers can unite the state like no other team in the state. So we decided to put that to the test, starting on the east side in Hancock County.

That is where we found Anthony Guzman.

"I wouldn't mind having that," Guzman said of a Pacers flag flying at a neighborhood garage sale along SR 9 in Maxwell.

When Guzman saw the flag, he couldn't help thinking about his great-grandmother.

"She's 88 years old. She's been waiting for them to get this far for a long, long time. We are really rooting together," he said.

Dora George was working the sale and she says you can't help but be a Pacer fan these days.

"You can't live in Indiana without loving the Pacers," she said.

Next stop on the north side in Noblesville. Pacers signs decorated the windows at Woods Bail Bonds, but business was so good no one was there. Up the street, the Pacers flag waved proudly in the breeze on Dottie Young's front porch as she hoped for the best in Game 5.

"I don't know. We are just holding our breath, holding our breath. We want to win. Think we will win, but you never know," Young said.

Pacers signs dotted the landscape on Michigan Road south of Zionsville as we made our trek west to Plainfield.

There we found 6'2" Bayley Bacon going one on four behind the house. The 15-year old practices making the big shot that will put the Pacers over the hump in Miami.

"Yeah, I think they will beat them, because the are really awesome this year. Last year they were alright. Okay, not that well," Bacon said.

With that, we completed the circle of roundball life in Mooresville. That is where we spotted Andrew Hedges riding on his bicycle, wearing a Reggie Miller jersey and a Pacers hat.

"The Pacers are going to win tonight at Miami by two!" Hedges shouted. "So bring it home. Bring it on to the championship!"

To say that Hedges is excited is an understatement.

"They bring the swagger like they did the other night. Take that swagger down there. Put LeBron James out again," he laughed.

With that, he's off to work, leaving me to wonder how he will ever be able to contain that enthusiasm until tip-off.