Pacers Fans leave with minutes still left in the game, disappointed by loss


Thousands of Pacers fans headed through the doors of Bankers Life Fieldhouse Saturday night with high hopes. All fans were decked out in their blue and gold.

By the time the fourth quarter rolled around, though, fans were singing a different tune. Many left early - even some season ticket holders.

"The Pacers are stinking up the building tonight," said Joe Shoemaker as he hopped on his motorcycle, ready to get ahead of game traffic. "They're just really getting out played."

"So many missed plays; So many missed opportunities,” bemoaned another fan as he headed home early, too.

On their way out the door, fans didn't hold back their disappointment in the team's performance against Atlanta.

"We got home court advantage. We're going into the playoffs and you throw up this kind of show?” asked fan Jeremy Adams. “It's just disappointing."

"They're the number one seed, but they just weren't on it tonight," said Shoemaker. "They didn't seem to be emotionally into the game at all."

Still, fans who bleed blue and gold said they'll bring their hearts and emotion back Tuesday night for game two - all of them hoping the Pacers won’t break their hearts the second time around.

"I still love my Pacers,” said Tikki Seymour as she left the game early.