Pacers fans celebrate after Game 7 win, ready for the Wizards

They were cautiously optimistic going in to Game 7 and, thankfully for Pacers fans, their team did not let them down.

Pacers fans kept the faith and their team delivered Saturday night.

"I believe we're going to pull it off," said Keith Olivares as he headed into Bankers Life Field House.

Pull it off, they did. Pacers fans emerged from Bankers Life Field House screaming in triumph over the team's victory over the Hawks.

"Everybody just played. They did what they had to do," said one fan of the team's performance.

What Pacers fans had to do was celebrate, dancing on the sidewalks to a jazz band that played into the night.

"It was back and forth, but still, we got the win. We got the victory. Bring on the Wizards," shouted one man.

"Everybody doubted us. They didn't think we'd get past this series. They don't believe us in the next series, but we were placed for number one, for a reason," said Robert Nicholson.

The Pacers take on the Washington Wizards Monday night at the Fieldhouse. Fans are more than ready for the game.