Pacers fan thrilled to "be the match"

Colin Lott
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A local sports star has used his celebrity to save lives. It is impressive when you have the power to influence and you use that power for the greater good. Roy Hibbert's encouragement to fans to "be the match" means that one of them now has the potential to save a stranger.

It will take most of the day at the hospital for Colin Lott to save the life of a woman he's never met.

"I don't know where she lives, or her name, or what she looks like or anything, it's just all I really need to know to do anything about it," he said.

Colin signed up for the national bone marrow registry at Castleton Square mall, responding to a tweet Pacer Roy Hibbert sent encouraging volunteers to come to swab their cheek and sign up to be the match. The drive worked.

"I feel this is definitely not a mistake. God really is like - I pick you to do this out of everybody that registered," said Colin.

"I'm happy somebody's life is going to be saved," said Roy Hibbert.

The connection for Hibbert began with sadness when 12-year-old fan Lee Eddins died in Sacremento of leukemia the day Hibbert was to fly west for their visit.

"It started with a loss. I have I always keep his picture in there," said Hibbert.

Hibbert took that flight, met the family and Lee's mother, who was in tears when she learned of Colin Lott's donation.

"We have registered many people in honor of Lee so it makes the pain a little bit more bearable," said Angela Touseull, Be the Match Marrow Registry.

"It's very special to me that I can help somebody help somebody save a life," said Colin.

Colin is a proud four-year member of Area 55, a fan section Hibbert organizes and funds. Colin is always in place by tip-off.

"After I am done here I am going to paint my face, go to the Pacers game. Stand there in Area 55 with all my other Area 55 family!" said Colin.

"He should get his rest. Whatever I do tonight is going to be for Colin!" said Hibbert. "Appreciate you going and there and doing what you are doing so my performance tonight will be for him."

"I can rest at the game. I can sit down rather than stand up at the game but yeah, kind of speechless right now. Kind of amazing that he would dedicate that to me. That really means at lot! So awesome!" said Colin.

Be the match!