Pacers' Brandon Rush tries hand at cooking

Brandon Rush and Dave Calabro

Dave Calabro/Eyewitness Sports

Indianapolis - The Pacers' Brandon Rush put his basketball aside for one day recently to learn a new skill: cooking.

Eyewitness Sports was there as the guard-forward donned a white chef's coat to serve up some grub at Harry and Izzy's downtown.

"I can throw down a little bit. I can cook some eggs and breakfast type of stuff, but I'm really trying to learn how to cook. Today is a new level," he said.

Rush was a natural in the kitchen, jumping right in to grill a filet mignon and some salmon. Chef Pete Williams led the way.

When one of the waiters came into the kitchen to relay a customer complaint about the salmon tasting too fishy, Rush offered to cook a new dish.

Then the waiter admitted the criticism was coming from Danny Granger.

"Nah, we can leave it like that!" said Rush, laughing.

I tried the shrimp cocktail that Harry and Izzy's dishes up. Rush said he would pass, but later he took on the challenge.

Cooking and eating right is important to this elite athlete.

"I try to eat real healthy - no red meat, stuff like that. I just go with the flow," he said.

It was finally time to dine.

Rush said the heat in the kitchen surprised him. "It gets hot back there - they were saying like 100 degrees."

But he's used to that on the court. "The pressure's on. Throw it down on the grill, you gotta make a good dish," he said.