Owner: Furnace may be behind deadly Indiana blast


There are many unanswered questions to the investigation into what caused Saturday night's explosion. Eyewitness News spoke to the homeowner of the house on Fieldfare Way that exploded Saturday night.

The home at 8349 Fieldfare Way is the suspected source of the powerful explosion.

"I feel horrible about it. I'm in total shock by all of this," said John Shirley, 50. Shirley can't believe what happened to the place he once called home.

John Shirley and his ex-wife Monserrate purchased the property in December 2003. After a stormy split, he was ordered not to have contact with her.  

But about a week and a half ago, he got some troubling news from his 12-year-old daughter.

"I received a text from my daughter saying there was no heat in the house. I assumed of course that that was the furnace. So then I asked if it was being fixed and she said they were going to spend the night in the hotel and I called the following day to find out if it had been fixed and she said yes and they were going back home," said Shirley.

John Shirley says he didn't know his house had blown up until another text from his daughter Sunday "letting me know that the house was gone. At that point I talked to my ex-wife and she confirmed it was our house was the one that exploded," he said.

In March of last year, the house was put up for quick sale just months before Ms. Shirley took over sole ownership. The "quick sale" listing expired in March of this year without a successful buyer.

John Shirley now believes the furnance is to blame.

"Two very kind neighbors next door to us were killed. I know the whole neighborhood has been completely destroyed or devastated. I just can't imagine. In my own thought, I feel terrible, because I feel like had we had more of a normal divorce where I could still talk to her, if there was a problem with the furnace, maybe I could have given some better advice," he said.

Monserrate Shirley and her 12-year-old daughter were reportedly out of town at the time of the explosion. It's unclear if they were living in the house or if someone else had access.

See a slide show of images from the explosion.