Overnight apartment fire displaces residents

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A fire early Friday morning has damaged four units inside the Marina apartment complex.

Fire crews were called to the 9600 block of Shoreland Lane just before two o'clock when a caller said they could see fire in the roof.

Investigators say Marsha Patton reported having trouble with her furnace Thursday afternoon. She says maintenance came out, but had to come back 10:00 Thursday night when the smoke alarms went off.

At that point, the maintenance worker told Patton the furnace had burned wiring and he had shut it down and would fix it in the morning.

Then at 1:50, Patton called 911 to report she could see fire in her ceiling. When asked why no one called 911 earlier in the evening when they smelled smoke, several residents said that the alarms go off regularly.

Firefighters reported they could hear smoke alarms upon arrival. Firefighters quickly controlled the fire that had spread through the walls and up to the attic space.

The fire caused $150,000 in damage to four units. Victims assistance was able to find a place for the six adults, infant and thee dogs to stay.

No one was hurt.