Over $2,000 in loose change found on Johnson County road


On a rural Johnson County road, "squandered money" takes on a whole new meaning.

"I seen the change out on the road," said motorist Landon Greene who saw the excitement Friday at the intersection of State Road 135 and County Road 500 West near Trafalgar.

"First caller said it appeared there was glass in the road," said Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox. But the glass turned out to be all kinds of coins - mostly one-dollar coins.

"When the officer arrived there were actually individuals there picking the coins up off the roadway," said Sheriff Cox. "Some actually having some of the coins stuffed in their pants pockets. Deputies had to indicate to them 'it's not your change.'"

So much change was found that county highway crews had to sweep it up with brooms. They collected over $400. Police asked anyone finding more to bring it in. Monday, a man showed up with $2,000 he found on the road, along with two guns.

Police say the items were taken in a home break-in but are not sure how they ended up one the road.

Hundreds more in change could be missing as other motorists loaded up before police arrived.

"If there's a lesson to be learned here, it's something we want to point out to everybody. If you're behind an armored car and it's losing money off of it, it's not finders keepers, losers weepers," said the sheriff.

The sheriff says the money must be turned into police. Eyewitness News handed the sheriff the fifty-five cents in quarters, nickels and pennies we found.