Outreach, Inc. celebrates homeless graduates' success

Terry Perdue was all smiles Saturday.
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A lot of students are now out of class for the summer and some are preparing for college.

School is a challenge for all kids, especially those who don't have a home where they can do their homework.

Twenty-two homeless teenagers in Indianapolis graduated this year thanks in part to Outreach, Inc. which held a barbecue Saturday to celebrate the students' success.

Eyewitness News caught up with one graduate who says the people at Outreach make him feel good about himself.

"The staff here, they really care," said Terry Perdue, Outreach graduate. "I don't think they just hire anyone; they care, people really got hearts. Like I was saying before, my mentor Devante, he stayed on me. There were days I was at home. He'd go to my school first; you here - somebody knocking on the door. He's there with my bookbag. That's just great for a teen, a student, anyone to have a program that really cares when you're down low."

Terry Perdue now hopes to enter the US Army.

Outreach says over half of their students go on to some sort of post-secondary education, including college and techincal schools as well as the military.

Outreach cites national studies pointing to the high dropout rate of homeless or runaway youth (up to 75 percent) and the importance of staying in school.

The G.O.A.L. (Graduation, Occupation, Address, Lifestyle) education program is partially funded through a federal grant to ensure that all youth can receive an education regardless of their living situation.  Outreach also offers a GED program to assist youth who have dropped out of high school.

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