Outdoor workers brave the cold

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Even when the mercury dips below zero, there are plenty of people who have no choice and must work outside.

You may think it's cold.

"It's really not too bad if you just layer up and dress for it and wear the right gear," explained Dave Hoffman, who cycles his way through downtown delivering sandwiches for Jimmy John's. He's numb to the elements.

"You learn to ignore it," he said, pulling down a face mask. "It's one of those things you just kind of get used to it. And the longer you get out in it the easier it becomes."

When your job entails making sure everyone is happy all the time, you've got to make sure you're delivery is warm.

"Gentlemen, have a safe trip back! Hopefully see you again soon," said Jacob Crouch as he packed a guest's bags into a car at the Downtown Marriott.

"Hopefully business dictates to where you can take a few breaks inside the hotel so you're not outside the whole eight hours," said Crouch, who is a shift manager at the hotel.

In between parking cars, valets at the Downtown Marriott also take advantage of warming lamps.

"There's very little wind. It's okay. Like right, now it's as good as it gets. But when it gets down to the negatives, there's nothing you can do about it," said Crouch.

While most of us want to wash away all that winter has brought, a small army of workers at Mike's Car wash are doing all they can to stay warm.

"Plenty of people come in and that way we can keep rotating. At least three people selling minimum out here, so it's like a vicious cycle. Everyone comes in and out," said Matt Graham, general manager at Mike's Car Wash near 12th and Meridian.

Normally busy downtown streets are nearly empty this frigid lunchtime - which is good news to Dave.

"Everyone's just kinda like, 'oh, yeah, we don't want to go outside so we called you guys.' And they normally compensate us pretty well so we don't mind it. It's not too bad," said Hoffman.

Not bad if your glass is half full - and you've got thick skin.

"I'm having a great day, sun's shining, little cold. It's not very windy though so that makes it way better," said Hoffman.

The good news: the temperature in Indianapolis will reach 32. The bad news: we have to wait until Friday!