Out-of-state PACs funnel money into Indiana races

Millions of dollars are pouring in from out of state to Indiana's political races.

We've seen millions of dollars in campaign donations used to pay for attack ads in Indiana races. 13 Investigates has been tracking where all that money is coming from this year.

Money, like it or not, is what drives political campaigns. Millions of Hoosier dollars are going to out-of-state political action committees. At the top of the list is Weaver Holdings and Weaver Popcorn. Since July, they have donated $2.2 million to former White House advisor Karl Rove's PAC "American Crossroads."

So where is the money coming from? Are your neighbors or co-workers giving?

OpenSecrets.org, which tracks political giving, lists Noblesville as where the most cash is coming from. Millions more is coming from Carmel and Zionsville.

Drilling down into the numbers, Eyewitness News found former Conseco CEO Stephen Hilbert and his wife Tomisue are giving, as is former Conseco CFO Rollin Dick. Herb and Bren Simon have given the Democratic National Committee $40,000.

What is behind the money, former GOP chairman Murray Clark says, is a string of court decisions that have opened the floodgates.

"So you have these PACs or Super PACs, whatever you want to call them, who two or three years ago who were kind of unchained, so this is the first big election since then," Clark said.

The proof is only as far away as your television. By now, you have seen more than your fair share of the Donnelly and Mourdock ads. When the polls close on Election Day, close to $70 million will have been spent, the lion's share of which is coming from out of state.

The millions of Hoosier dollars going into political causes is ranked 23rd in the nation. The numbers indicate that the politically-motivated in other states are more willing to give to our candidates.

As for out-of-state money that has been contributed directly to the U.S. Senate race in Indiana, the numbers are close. Both parties have taken more than 50 percent of the money from out-of-state contributors.