OneAmerica offers no-cost health clinic for employees

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Several Indianapolis companies are battling skyrocketing health care costs by offering no-cost medical care for their employees and their families.

Like most large companies, OneAmerica was looking for answers to rising health care costs. The company opted to open its own health care clinic.

"We have found our overall medical premiums have sharply reduced. We were looking at double-digit increases up to three years ago. This past year, our premiums only went up two percent," said One America Vice President Debby Routt.

Cindy Hutchison has worked at OneAmerica for 25 years. She estimates she was paying $50 a month for prescriptions alone before she started using the clinic.

"Last year, I came to the clinic for preventative and my medication. I did not pay for one medication last year. Saved me a ton of money," she said.

It saved Jim Gavin even more.

"Just came downstairs from work upstairs and ended up needing my appendix taken out, which happened just a few hours later at Methodist Hospital," he said.

"We also manage all OneAmerica's wellness programs through this clinic," said OurHealth CEO Ben Evans.

Evans came up with the idea of having on-site health clinics five years ago and the idea is catching on.

"Employers are asking their employers to be more accountable, but what are they going to do to supplement that and partner with that?" I feel strongly that bringing services like this on-site is the answer. You can't just go to high-deductible plans and ask employees to figure it out," he said.

It helps keep employees and their families happy, healthy and on the job.

"I had an appointment at 8:00, had medication by 8:15 and back at my desk by 8:30. Phenomenal," Routt said.

The best part for the employee is the appointment and prescription are free of charge, but it also allows the company the opportunity to change the focus to wellness and prevention.

OneAmerica is not alone. Interactive Intelligence and hh Gregg have also implemented the program.

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