One-on-one with Obama: Unemployment

John Stehr interviews President Obama.
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Washington, DC - In an exclusive one-on-one interview at the White House this week, Eyewitness News asked President Barack Obama about a number of issues affecting Hoosiers, including jobs.

In Indiana the adjusted unemployment rate is 8.8 percent. The president says the economy was the driving force in him winning the vote in Indiana in 2008, and the economy will likely be the deciding factor in next year's election. He says his administration is not afraid to make hard decisions to put Indiana's economy on track.

"A good example is the auto industry. You will recall, that was a very unpopular decision when it was made. We now have all three big auto makers turning a profit. You see places like Kokomo and other areas that are part of the auto industry that are starting to rebound. We are not where we need to be, but if people feel like the general trend is strong, then I think we will be doing all right," said Obama.

You will see more of my Eyewitness News exclusive interview with President Obama next week.

While we all see him speak about national issues every day, I talked with him specifically about things that Hoosiers would want to hear, like what he thinks about possible running against Gov. Mitch Daniels, his relationship with Sen. Richard Lugar, and next year's Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

Some of his comments are surprising, and you can watch them next week on Eyewitness News.