One on one with Gov. Mitch Daniels

Gov. Mitch Daniels
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Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-Indiana) reflects on the highs and lows of 2011, and his goals for 2012. Eyewitness News talked with the governor about new jobs, new-found money and an embattled secretary of state.

Eyewitness News: "Looking at some of the legislative issues I am hearing about - right to work, State Fair settlement, mass transit, smoking ban. All those are pretty big."

Daniels: "Sure, we ought to do big things every year."

EN: "I look at this, I wondered about smoking ban. I knew right to work was coming but I wondered do you need issues to make sure Democrats are still in their seats?"

Daniels: "Oh, I would hope their conscience would keep them in their seats. There are a lot of important things to do."

EN: "You have heard Democrats now touting your own job numbers and saying, 'If we are doing that well why do we need right to work?'"

Daniels: "We are not doing nearly well enough. We are outdoing most other states. We are winning two-thirds of the competitions we get into. Right now especially in this lousy national economy there are not enough jobs to compete for. We need to be able to get at every one possible so I don't know how anyone anywhere in America, frankly, can feel at all satisfied with the state of this economy or their local economy so that is why we believe we have to do everything possible to bring another good paying job here."

EN: "2011 was interesting in that you lost and found $300 million. How do you look at that?"

Daniels: "It was nice to find. It was always there in savings and checking account due to a computer oversight of several years ago. It beats what happened to the state in 2003 when they actually lost that money. That would have upset me a great deal more."

EN: "The court has now ruled on Secretary of State Charlie White. How would you like to see that resolved now? Should he resign?"

Daniels: "I thought that would have been the right course before and I just hope it is resolved quickly. It has been a difficult and unnecessary situation for the state."