One arrested in driveway attack; investigation continues

Home security cameras caught this thwarted attack.
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Indianapolis Metro Police got a break in what appears to be a crime wave involving surprise attacks on people getting out of their cars.

It's happened again, and this time it's on tape. A driver's own home security camera is rolling as he sits in his driveway with no idea what would happen next.

A suspect wielding a gun appears, ordering the man to the ground and to go through his pockets. It all happened Sunday night at the home on Park Avenue near Martin Luther King Park.

The video also shows the gunman ordering the victim to start the engine. After getting back on the ground, the homeowner gets away and takes off running.

An elderly couple on the northwest side of Indianapolis knows exactly how the man in the video feels. Last Wednesday night, they fought off a gunman using their canes after the man tried to rob them at gunpoint in their driveway.

Those are two incidents in a string of driveway attacks hitting the area.

Police are making progress with the arrest of 20-year-old Genesis Penn. Officers say Monday night Penn attacked a 45-year-old woman in the 9000 Westfield apartment complex.

Now investigators are trying to figure out if Penn is responsible for other attacks.

Meanwhile, clues like the video from the attack on Park Avenue may help as police try to close the books on a string of dangerous crimes.

Genesis Penn is on a $160,000 surety bond at the Marion County Jail for robbery and a felony firearms charge.

Investigators are still looking for tips in a number of surprise driveway attacks, so if you can help, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.

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