Olympic style: Trendy or Not?

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Meagan Hook/ BSU at the Games

Stars. Stripes. Rings. Patchwork. Those all make up one of the greatest US Olympic outfits of all-time. The outfit is a mix between Christmas sweaters and pure genius. Some say ugly, I say unifying. All the designs and symbols cohesively working together perfectly represents America.

Ralph Lauren creation, the cardigans scream America. There will be no doubt in viewer's minds what country the US athletes are from when they see the outfits during the opening ceremonies.

Coinciding with the sweater is a classic pea coat. A solid red stripe swimming in a sea of navy blue makes a bold statement. The whole assemble reminds me of the old saying about a mullet: Business on the outside (the pea coat) and party on the inside (the sweater).

America is not the only country spicing up their style for this year's Olympics. Norway's curling team made headlines during the Vancouver Olympics. They famously wore "the pants" which were red, white and blue diamond checkerboard themed.

This year the Norway team will wear have same color-scheme but with a different design, chevron suits. However, not everyone is a fan of funky style. Norway's coach, Pal Trulsen said, "Put it like this, you'll not see me wearing them – except maybe at a bad-taste party or something."

So maybe not everyone loves quirky style but Hubertus von Hohenlohe of Mexico sure loves his. The ‘Mariachi Olympic Prince' showing off a skin tight morph suit look-a-like, resembling the tuxedo t-shirt will be the talk of alpine skiing.

If the US cardigan sweaters aren't worn all over the nation by the end of the Olympics, I will be shocked. Trendy or not is for you to decide. But looking at all the crazy outfits during the Sochi Olympics should at least make you smile.

Be sure to tune in to the NBC to catch all the bizarre Olympic outfits athletes wear.