Olympic champion Boudia brings gold to health expo

David Boudia poses for a picture at Purdue.
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Olympic gold medalist David Boudia is already in training for the next Summer Olympics, but will make a stop in Indianapolis at the WTHR Health and Fitness Expo this weekend.

These days, the Olympic diver has to budget extra time in his schedule to take pictures. Especially at Purdue, where Boudia is now on the list of famous graduates, which includes Neil Armstrong and Drew Brees.

"It's pretty awesome. It makes our school really proud to have people like you," Beth Stanley told Boudia recently at Purdue University.

Boudia won the gold medal in the men's 10-meter tower event at the London Olympics. It was an honor that had eluded American divers since Greg Louganis won gold 24 years ago.

Boudia describes the eight months since London as a whirlwind. He married his college sweetheart in October.

"Definitely the highlight of the year, better than the gold, was marrying Sonnie," Boudia said.

He also signed on to do a TV show with ABC called "Splash." It's like diving with the stars, which has meant a whole new fan base.

"It is different. I thought, 'Oh, maybe watched you at the Olympic Games, but now it's all about 'Splash,' which is cool. 'Splash' is an opportunity for diving to be exposed, which doesn't happen very often," Boudia said.

His role is to judge and it's required some adjustment.

"You kind of have to lower your standard of scoring, so maybe a 7 in 'Splash' would be probably a 4 in real diving, but you have to have the encouragement for the celebrities if you want to see them continue to do the hard things," Boudia said.

While Boudia refuses to reveal a favorite star, he said he couldn't help but be impressed by Louie Anderson.

"Just because of the adversity. I mean, he's 400 pounds, doing a sport that is my size - 5'9", 160, 165 (pounds) - and he's totally not that at all, so for him to push his body, actually getting off of the couch and doing something active for the first time in 10 years. I mean, this is a life-changing experience for him," Boudia said.

Boudia's next appearance is at the WTHR Health and Fitness Expo. The format will be similar to the welcome home celebration hosted by his hometown of Noblesville after the games. Boudia will bring his gold medal and his formula for success.

"Obviously, there have been accomplishments in my diving, but they only know...they only see the Olympic champion and my name beside it and I want people to come see that there is more to me than just an Olympic diver, than just Olympic champion and that there is more to life than just that accomplishment," Boudia said. "So I think the main message I am trying to convey to the audience is just having perspective going into a healthy lifestyle and how to do that, so going into goals and how to accomplish those goals are the biggest thing. I think someone struggles with something like that."

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