Olympic athletes faring well under blue sky practice

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Even before the official opening of the Olympics, competition has begun on a picture-perfect day in Russia. In the mountains, there was fresh snow and a blue sky - exactly what the athletes and spectators were hoping for.

Glorious, spectacular...pick your adjective and it applies at any of the stunning alpine venues. There's no snow by the coastal areas, which have a warmer climate. But in the mountains, there's plenty of white powder.

Nick Goepper of Lawrenceburg, Indiana is a freestyle skier competing in the Games for the first time.

"I'm feeling great. My body feels great. Figuring out my runs. Figuring out the different round tricks and the different jumps. We got tons of practice, which is cool. We got a lot of time to figure out our runs," he said.

There's been some concern about the safety of the slopestyle course. The athletes say the sunny weather is ideal, and they hope it continues because the clear skies help them see where they need to land.

Speaking of safety, there are many safety measures being taken in the mountains, with frequent credential checks, searches and armed police everywhere.