Olympian Nick Goepper issues Valentine's Day challenge

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It may be hard to believe, but 19-year-old Lawrenceburg native and Olympic bronze medalist Nick Goepper does not have a girlfriend. And on this Valentine's Day, he says he's looking for one!

Nick, who's celebrating a Team USA sweep, is putting out a special challenge for Valentine's Day.

"I am single, and I'm doing a little thing on my social media outlets - Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. All the girls out there, come up with a creative Valentine's invitation for me and tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it to me, and I'm gonna pick the most creative one at the end of the Olympics and whoever that is gets a trip out to see me for a 'dream date!'"

Naturally, the Twitterverse lots its collective mind after Nick's announcement Friday morning.

You can join in the fun by using the hashtag #IwanttodateNick.

The responses range from corny pick-up lines, to asking for a date to prom.

Whatever the strategy, girls of all ages, moms, and even grandmas continue to try to rapidly post anything that will hopefully be the one to grab Geopper's attention. Here are a few standouts:

 "@ejcberry: I broke my arm while snowtubing @skiridetubepns = @NickGoepper could teach me a lot about snow sports #iwanttodatenick"

 "@Abrick426: @NickGoepper my heart did a double cork 1080 when I saw you ski for the first time.. Please be my valentine! #iwanttodatenick"

 "@samanthakozich: #iwanttodatenick will you take me to my senior prom?"

"@EmmaStoneTyler: @NickGoepper I was in Hooked on Phonics commercials as a child. We are both huge celebrities #iwanttodatenick @usweekly"

"@sarahhmohr: BRONZE ON THE PODIUM BUT GOLD IN MY HEART #iwanttodatenick #iwanttodatenick pic.twitter.com/GujwMJkknM"

"@RaeThorpe: I heard you like curling, so I guess you won't mind if I sweep you off of your feet! #iwanttodatenick @NickGoepper"

"@em_moffitt: How do you feel about older women? Because my grandma thinks you're cute #iwanttodatenick @NickGoepper"

"@maddiemac14: Stuck doing chemistry homework and I am convinced @NickGoepper and I would have chemistry #iwanttodatenick pic.twitter.com/wgR69FbJPW"

Here are some entertaining examples of the creativity of Nick's fans. It looks like some mothers are advocating on behalf of their daughters!