Officials working on distribution plan for victim's fund

Fair visitors stop by the makeshift memorial.

Today we hope to find out how much last night's concert raised for victims of the State Fair tragedy.

Fair officials don't have an answers yet. They are working on them. While fair goers visit the small memorial for the five people killed, fair officials are beginning work on a plan to disperse that assistance.

They are recruiting people from across the country who have been through this before and run similar assistance funds. That could take perhaps another week. Once that's done, the guidelines for the assistance have to be made.

Who is eligible?
What kind of expenses will be reimbursed? How will victims apply? How will claims be verified?
How will the money be equally distributed?

The director of the fund, Justin Armstrong calls it a monumental task. "Our intention is that on the visitor, the Victim's in the end, it is not difficult, that it will be a quick and efficient process for them.  So we are really grinding and making sure we have all our i's dotted and t's crossed," said Armstrong. "Our priority is to get it done quickly and get it done right."

Armstrong hopes to have answers for victims and their families with in a few weeks. Perhaps for them, the biggest question is how significant will this help be.

To large degree that will be determined by how much money is raised. Armstrong hopes to answers for victims and their families with in a few weeks.

There was the concert, the owner of Indianapolis Colt's is now helping. And there is a web site people can use to donate.