Officers to learn fate over Facebook photos

IMPD Officer Andrew Deddish points a gun to the head of Trooper Chris Pestow.

Bob Segall/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Metro police commanders are deciding what to do about an officer in an "embarrassing" photo posted on Facebook.

Officer Andrew Deddish appears in the photograph, pointing a gun at the head of ISP Trooper Chris Pestow. The private moment between two buddies became not-so-private thanks to Pestow. He posted the photo, along with many others, on his personal Facebook page on the Internet - where anyone could see it.

"We're trained we don't point firearms at anything we don't plan to shoot," said IMPD Sgt. Paul Thompson.

IMPD was not amused by the picture and after conducting a six-week investigation, the department appears ready to act.

13 Investigates has learned Deddish's commander has recommended the officer receive an unpaid suspension. The punishment will be reviewed Thursday by the department's Board of Captains. Police Chief Michael Spears could announce a final decision by the end of the week.

As far as Trooper Pestow, 13 Investigates has learned state police legal staff are now drafting internal charges against him. Pestow will have a disciplinary hearing in two weeks, but the department says his punishment may not be decided for another month.

In the meantime, state police commanders have distributed new guidelines to all of their officers warning them not to post embarrassing material on the Internet - especially while on duty.