Officers fired shot that killed police K-9 in Pendleton shootout


The Anderson Police Department says a police K-9 fatally wounded in a Pendleton shooting Thursday night was killed by fire from police officers.

Police say Kenneth Bailey was threatening to shoot and kill his estranged wife. During the ordeal, Bailey is suspected of fatally shooting Neal Shull, a neighbor who happened to be driving by at the time. He was later found dead at the scene.

Anderson PD Officer Marty Dulworth and other responding officers were faced with "overwhelming gunfire from the suspect" when they arrived on the scene. 

Officer Dulworth was immediately shot in the lower legs, while the other officers were pinned down by gunfire.

When Officer Dulworth was shot, his K-9 Kilo mistook one of the officers for an aggressor, biting him several times. The officers found themselves faced with a confused K-9 and an armed suspect firing upon them.

The Anderson Police Department says officers had no other choice but to shoot Kilo. Although he died of "friendly fire," Anderson PD points out that the dog was instinctively protecting his handler.

Police also say that although Bailey did not shoot Kilo, his actions "directly caused the serious wounding of officers and unnecessary destruction of a dedicated K-9 that served this community faithfully."