Officer talks about saving man from burning car

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Three Metro Police officers are being hailed as heroes for rescuing a man trapped inside a burning SUV.

This happened following a crash on west 71st street Friday night.

The driver is being treated at Wishard Hospital.  He did lose a foot as a result of the fire, and is also suffering from third degree burns all over his body.  He also suffered compound fractures from the crash.

Officers go through a lot of training but nothing could prepare them for diving inside a burning car.

It's hard to believe the driver was pulled out alive from the inside of his Ford SUV - the dashboard is gone, the steering wheel has melted.   He was on fire when police pulled him out and had been for a couple of minutes.

"It was pretty traumatic.  The vehicle was on fire.  It was totally engulfed.  We couldn't get the doors open.  He was entrapped, and by the grace of God we were able to get the driver out."  Said Sgt.. Dale Marshall.

He was off duty and coming home from the grocery store when witnesses flagged him down.

Metro police Officers Aaron Stanley and Christopher Frazier were close by. It was Aaron Stanley and Sgt.. Marshall that reached into the burning truck.

"The door was hot and I made several attempts to dislodge the door. The only thing that was that the window was down so that was the only way we could get the person out of the vehicle was pulling him out the window."  Marshall explained.

So the two cops tried  not once...not twice.. but three times.  Fighting the flames and the thick black smoke, they finally pulled the driver out.  Sgt. Marshall had a hold of Stanley's belt as he dove in after the driver.

"Frasier's uniform had caught fire.  He had flames coming from his uniform.  So I was patting him out, trying to get the fire out.  But he could actually see inside the vehicle."     

One witness, Michael Berry, added, "The cop had smoke coming from his jacket but it looked like his sleeves had been on fire.  There was just a lot of smoke coming off there and his head and stuff like that."

Berry had come outside to see what the commotion was about just as Officer Stanley and Sgt. Marshall were putting the flames out.

Berry talked about how courageous the officers were, "You can have all of the training in the world nothing but nothing is going to make you jump into something that is on fire and pull someone out."

This is not the first time that Officer Stanley has gone above and beyond.

He received the Medal of Valor for shooting a dangerous and armed man that pulled a gun on him and another cop.

"As an officer it is your duty to help.  We take an oath to serve and protect the community."  Said Marshall.

Two of the three officers were treated for burns to their arms and face.  There were released and sent home to recover.  No word yet on when they will be back out on the street.