Officer shoots at man who drives over his feet

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Police are questioning a man after he allegedly ran over a police officer's feet at a supermarket lot last night.

It happened in the Kroger parking lot on 10th St. just east of Shadeland about 10 p.m. Friday night.

The officer was working off-duty security and got a complaint about loud music from a car in the parking lot.

He asked the driver to turn down the music but police say that driver didn't cooperate.

As the officer began to write the driver a ticket that's when things took off.

"As he was in the process of that, the driver drove off," says officer Mike Hewitt.  "And as he did he struck the officer and fearing for his life and the safety of the general public the officer did fire two shots and struck the back window from what we understand of the suspects car. The suspect went home and actually called us,  called the police."

Police picked up the man and took his car in as evidence.

Police say the suspect ran over the officers foot.  He was complaining about pain. The suspect was not hit when the officer fired.

It has not been determined what charges will be filed in this case.