Officer shooting reminiscent of 1993 trooper murder

Trooper Michael Greene was shot during a 1993 traffic stop.
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David MacAnally/Eyewitness News

Lebanon - Suspected police shooter Thomas Hardy should have been behind bars on a parole violation when he shot IMPD Officer David Moore. Because of that crack in the system, a state parole agent has been suspended without pay.

The case is reminiscent of a 1993 incident with similarly tragic results that also fell through the cracks.

Next month marks the 18th anniversary of the murder of Indiana State Police Trooper Michael Greene. The trooper was killed by a career criminal the victim's family says should not have been free.

John Greene remembers his brother every time he drives by the marker on I-65 memorializing the trooper nearly two decades later.

"I always think of the day my brother was killed. I honk my horn whenever I go by," Greene said.

"I always remember by dad, in general, I just try to focus on the good things, not the bad," said Deputy Michael Greene, Boone County Sheriff's Department.

The bad day his father was gunned down when he stopped to check on two men pulled over on I-65.

"I touch my heart every time. A ritual when I drive by everyday," Deputy Greene said.

Now, their heart goes out to another fallen officer's family. The family of Officer Moore, whose suspected shooter was out on the street because of a mistake by the Department of Correction. Hardy should have been back behind bars for violating his parole last November.

"Makes me feel sorry for that family," John Greene said.

"It can tear a family apart," Deputy Greene said. "Can also bring them tighter together."

The trooper's family says his shooter should have been behind bars, too. Norman Timberlake served four years for an Indiana armed robbery. Three months after his 1992 release, he shot Master Trooper Greene.

But Greene's family says court papers from Louisiana say he should have been serving a 50-year sentence down there for robbery when he killed the trooper. The Indiana Department of Correction says Timberlake was properly released from prison here, because there were no warrants for his extradition to Louisiana to finish that 50-year sentence.

"They need to keep these guys in and make sure there aren't any more mistakes," John Greene said.

"When an officer gets shot, it's just horrible. One of the worst things that can happen," Deputy Greene said. "We try to make sure everybody remembers my father through the years and it's still an honor when people remember."

Norman Timberlake was to be executed in 2007, but died on death row of natural causes.