Officer Moore's body escorted from hospital

Dozens of cruisers escorted Officer Moore's body from Wishard Hospital

Indianapolis - Dozens of police escorted officer David Moore's body from Wishard Hospital early Thursday morning.

Around 4:00 am nearly 100 policemen drove through downtown as Moore's body was transported to the Marion County coroner's office. After the autopsy, his body was transported to Crown Hill Cemetery, where it will be prepared for burial. Dozens of officers escorted the hearse carrying Moore's body to Crown Hill.

Funeral and service arrangements for officer Moore have not yet been released.

Moore died early Wednesday after being shot multiple times during a traffic stop Sunday morning. 

Prosecutors have yet to charge the suspect, 60-year-old Thomas Hardy, with the shooting. However, he will be back in court on Friday for felony theft charges related to a stolen car.

Police say Hardy was driving that stolen car when Officer Moore pulled him over on Sunday.

Hardy was in court earlier this week on robbery charges for a crime officers say he committed just after the shooting took place.

Prosecutors say they can keep Hardy locked up on the robbery and theft charges while they weigh charges related to the shooting.