Officer fires at suspects who twice rammed into police car

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What started as a traffic stop by a metro police officer at 11th and North Alton Avenue, quickly turned to gunfire.

Gunfire was followed by a chase and eventual crash of the suspect's truck, after the driver of the truck, say police, tried to use the vehicle as a deadly weapon against the officer pulling him over.

No one was hurt, but police say the incident demonstrates how a traffic stop can change into something much more serious in an instant.

According to police, a plain-clothed police officer driving a marked vehicle in the west side neighborhood tried to pull over a white pick-up truck for not using a turn signal. That's when the driver took off, but not before two passengers jumped out of the truck.

Police say the officer was about to get out of his car to check on those passengers, when the driver of the pick up truck put the truck in reverse and rammed the officer's car two times.

The officer shot at the truck which took off, driving four blocks and crashing into a car port at 11th and Somerset Avenue.

According to witnesses, the truck's driver and another passenger got out and ran down an alley and into a nearby house in the 1100 block of Rochester Avenue. Police surrounded the house and the two men surrendered peacefully.

No one was hurt, including the police officer involved in the traffic stop.

"We're just thankful our officer didn't get injured. Obviously, a vehicle being ran into an officer, that's assault with a deadly weapon," said IMPD Officer Rafael Diaz.

Police took all four men into custody. Officers discovered the truck was stolen and the driver had local and out-of-county warrants for possession of cocaine, possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia and driving with a suspended license. Police also found a gun in the alley two of the men ran down.