Officer fatally shoots Plainfield home invasion suspect

Justin Pearson
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A 911 call recounts the anxious moments overnight during a Plainfield home invasion that left a suspect dead.

It happened in the 200 block of Andrews Boulevard at around 9:30 pm in what neighbors describe as a quiet, safe neighborhood. The broken glass and bullet holes in the front door of the home tell a different story, though.

One resident made a frantic call to 911 as she hid inside the home.

"Hendricks County 911. Where is your emergency?"

"There is someone in my house who has a gun or a knife. He has a gun. He was a gun. Please don't shoot her."

"We have officers on the way."

"I am scared."

"You have every right to be scared."

"Are you hearing anything now?" (Shots fired)

"Oh my God. Oh my God. Did you call 911? Oh my God, Thank you, God, right now."

"My first response was to run out and rescue them. It's my family. I got in my closet and talked to the operator before police arrived," said Michelle Tejera, recalling those tense moments.

Tejera was staying with her parents Tuesday night when two men saying they sold lawn care services forced their way inside the family's Plainfield home. Tereja was in her bedroom when she heard the commotion at the front door. She grabbed her cell phone and called 911.

The daughter stayed on the phone with the 911 operator as she heard her mother begging the two men to leave.

"She was pleading with one of them that he could change his life and change his mind now and leave," she said.

For two long minutes, Michelle Tejera hid in that closet until a Plainfield Police Officer and Hendricks County Sheriff's deputy made it to their house. On the 911 call, you can hear silence and a faint gunshot as police react to one of the intruders raising their gun at the front door.

"When I heard the gunshots I didn't know who, I didn't know," she said.

Michelle Tejera's parents were not hurt. One of the intruders was killed. He has not been identified. The other suspect, 30-year-old Jason Pearson, surrendered to police.

"The officer who took that shot, we praise him, we thank him," said Tejera.

You can hear the emotional reunion on the 911 recording when Michelle's parents find her safe in her bedroom.

"Oh my God. Oh my God. Did you call 911? Oh my God, Thank you, God, right now!"

"I woke up this morning and I hugged them. I am thankful that I can," she said.

Police have not released the name of the intruder shot and killed here at the home. Investigators believe the men must have been watching the house and were looking for money.