Officer death adds to frustration & anger of recent violence

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A line of police cars cleared a path down the interstate for the ambulance rushing officer Perry Renn to the emergency room.

At Eskenazi hospital, dozens of officers arrived and waited. Their emotions at first were of support and hope then later, grief and anger.

Officials held a press conference at Eskenazi Hospital, discussing their frustration and anger.

Mayor Greg Ballard said, "There are a lot of sad people tonight. But I would also tell you emotion out there is anger... really tired of the things that have been happening out there."

Out there on the east side Renn and other officers were caught in a shoot-out with a man armed with an assault rifle.

Saturday morning police responded to seven people shot in Broad Ripple. IMPD Police Chief Rick Hite said officers provided first aid to victims as they hunted a suspect.

"That's the work we do as a police department. That is what you pay us to do. Tonight we are here because we lost one. He won't be able to apply a bandage or a tourniquet. He won't be at the next scene. The question becomes, ‘What are you going to do about it?’"

It is not known whether the suspect, Major Davis, Jr., 25, was licensed to carry a gun. Authorities want stricter, mandatory minimum prison sentences for those illegally possessing guns and using them to commit crimes.

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs said, “We think that it is important. We think that would immediately drop our homicide rate. Let's remember, tonight a police officer was murdered."

Mayor Ballard clearly wants changes too.

“You think it is frustrating to me? How frustrating is it to the guys wearing the uniform? It's frustrating to them. It's terrible.”

A veteran emergency room doctor so weary of treating the victims of violence - even he decided to speak out.

Dr. T.Z. Hayworth added, “When someone such as officer Renn loses his life – it hurts. ”

It hurts a family, a police department, and a city.