Officer credits CPR training for saving baby

IMPD Ofc. David Miller
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A police officer called a hero for saving the life of an infant who was injured by a falling television is crediting his CPR training.

IMPD Ofc. David Miller cradled 11-month-old Demetrius Jones immediately after the accident, administering CPR. Because of his lifesaving measures, the baby has a fighting chance to live.

Melissa Bell has nothing but hugs and praises for Miller. She watched as the officer came to the rescue of her friend's son when a large television fell on top of the child.

"When he heard the cry from somebody for help, he came running, he didn't stop, he dropped whatever he was doing and he came to the rescue," Bell said.

Miller was doing off-duty part-time security at the Meadowlark Apartments. When he got the injured baby boy in his arms, Miller remembered his training.

"So I dropped down to my knees, held the child's head back, gave some compressions and then some rescue breaths and continued that until the medics arrived," Miller said.

Although CPR is part of the training for every police officer, Miller had no idea how important it would be at his part-time job. Because of what happened to Jones, he urges everyone to learn CPR.

"It's simple to learn and that could be your child's life or your neighbor's child's life," he said.

Although family, friends and neighbors at Meadowlark Apartments consider Miller a hero for helping Demetrius, for him, it's just part of a job he swore to do - to protect and serve.

Miller has checked with the baby's family and found out doctors still list Demetrius in critical condition. The boy's family has been at his bedside since the accident.