Officer Bisard due in court Wednesday on most recent DUI charges


Officer David Bisard will go back to court Wednesday for his most recent arrest for suspected DUI. In the meantime he remains in jail on a $25,000 bond, despite prosecutor's requests that he not be released.

The Marion County Prosecutor's office confirmed Sunday morning that they will file a motion to revoke Bisard's bond in the pending case against him.

The Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police say they could potentially change their contribution to his legal defense. There is a business meeting scheduled for Thursday where the topic could be brought up for discussion. 

The speed limit sign cannot be seen, and the guard rail that is designed to protect cars from going down into a ravine has been tested. Allegedly the driver that did the damage is suspended Metro Police Officer David Bisard.

The police report states that when "Officer Rhoton asked Bisard how many alcoholic beverages he had consumed and Bisard stated, 'I'm not really sure, I've been drinking since noon and I'm not gonna say I've had two like everyone else does.'"

Bisard is said to have been going east in his pickup truck on Indian Lake Boulevard, when he crossed over the narrow street, ramming his vehicle into the sign and guard rail. A neighbor heard the crash and called police. Bisard was found with glassy eyes and was unsteady, the police report stated.

Bisard stated to Officer Rhoton, "I know you know who I am. I messed up today. If you guys can cut me a break I promise I will never drink again."

The police report states Bisard continued to plea with the officer to let him go, stating that if he goes to jail his life will be over.

The Lawrence officer had reason to believe the embattled Metro Officer had been drinking. A source close to the investigation tells Eyewitness News that David Bisard failed a field sobriety test.  Bisard is reported to have had a blood alcohol content of .17 - more than twice the legal limit to drive in Indiana.

No sooner was the crash scene cleared up when investigators from Indianapolis Metro police were there asking questions.

Questions that may not be answered anytime soon.  No one associated with the case is talking.  Lawrence Police have handed the case to the Marion County Prosecutors office.  And Indianapolis Metro Police say it they have nothing to do with case.

Lawrence police took Bisard to Wishard Hospital for another blood test, and then handed him over to the Marion County Sheriff's department at the Adult Processing center where he will allegedly have to sober up before going in front of a magistrate.

The Marion County Prosecutors office has confirmed they have asked that Bisard not be released on bail and will ask that his current bond be revoked in a hearing Monday morning.