Offer may extend deadline on Anderson's Wigwam gym

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Leaders of an effort to save Anderson's iconic Wigwam gymnasium are working on a proposal that could extend a deadline for deciding on its possible demolition.

Anderson economic development director Greg Winkler says the Wigwam Sports and Entertainment group that wants to reopen the 9,000-seat gym and others have agreed to cover four months of the Wigwam's operating costs.

Winkler tells The Herald Bulletin that if the Anderson School Board approves the plan that the March 1 deadline for a private group to take over the gym would be extended until the end of June.

Officials say the Wigwam group is working to raise $1 million toward reopening the gym.

The school district closed the gym in 2011 as a cost-cutting move.

Former high school basketball coach Terry Thimlar said in December 2013 that he had received financial commitments from across Indiana and the U.S. and believes the site has a lot of potential.

He'd like to place an NBA D-League developmental team there. He says the venue could also host concerts, conventions, and trade shows.

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