Occupy Indianapolis protest continues

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INDIANAPOLIS - A protest that began on Wall Street a month ago has spread across the country. It's the reason why people are camping out at the Indiana Statehouse this week.

Those participating in the ongoing sit-in have to abide by some rules: no sleeping, no littering and no violence. There's even a sign-up sheet for clean-up duty. Last weekend the protest attracted hundreds of people, but that gradually dwindled down to around 30 by Friday. Another rally is planned for noon Saturday.

One demonstrator said he has every intention of watching the Super Bowl from the south steps of the Statehouse.

"They say that money equals free speech, and if you don't have any money, you don't have any speech in your government. I want corporations out of our political process. I want public funding for elections so that anyone can run for office - so the people that have been crushed under the boot heel, so to speak, to have a voice again and to feel like they matter and to feel like their life is worth something," he said.

A sign on a whiteboard at the protest says, in part, "We are here to reclaim our voice. We invite all non-violent people to join us."

The protesters are live streaming and watching what other protesters are doing around the country. In lower Manhattan Friday, several protesters were arrested.