Obamas welcome children to annual Easter Egg Roll

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President Barack Obama and his family are welcoming thousands of children to the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll.

The 135th annual event attracted about 30,000 visitors to the White House's South Lawn.

Along with an Easter Egg Roll, the biggest White House gathering of the year also featured sports and entertainment stars as well as a variety of games.

The First Lady used the massive gathering to urge kids to exercise as well as learn a little something about healthy eating.

"It is wonderful to see all of you. And I just want to say welcome. You guys brought the great weather. It was a little shaky this morning but all of you did a great job sending a message upstairs and now we got beautiful weather," said the president.

"So today we want you to have a great time. We want you to run around. We want you to go over and see the White House garden. We want you to learn about making tasty-healthy food. We're going to come down and do some Easter egg roll. We're going to read some stories but overall we want you guys to have a good time and keep moving and be healthy and kids, eat your vegetables, okay?" said First Lady Michelle Obama.

The National Park Service, which organized the celebration, says the event is mostly funded by the sale of commemorative wooden eggs.

The White House's South Law was transformed into a rainbow of colors as boys and girls played games to the sounds of kids' show tunes and in the presence of athletes, entertainment figures and "Sesame Street" Muppets.

The festivities came off despite earlier warnings from the White House that budget battles could have forced the event's cancellation.