Obama pressures Romney on backing of Mourdock


Democrats are stepping up the pressure on Mitt Romney to cut any ties with an Indiana Republican Senate candidate who said this week that if a woman becomes pregnant from rape, it is "something God intended."

President Barack Obama has made repeated, indirect references to Richard Mourdock's comments as he wraps up a 40-hour blitz of battleground states. Obama told supporters in Virginia that male politicians shouldn't be "making health care decisions for women." His campaign aides went further, using a web video to highlight Romney's endorsement of Mourdock, and to accuse Romney of yielding to his party's extreme elements.

Romney has steered clear of the issue today, ignoring reporters' questions about it in Cincinnati. He told Ohio supporters that the upcoming election isn't about him or about the Republican party -- but instead about the well-being of American families.

Opinion polls have Obama and Romney tied nationally. A new Associated Press-GfK poll of likely voters has Romney up 47 percent to 45 percent, within the poll's margin of sampling error. But the race will be decided by a handful of competitive states.

Without a win in Ohio, it appears Romney would have to sweep every other competitive state.

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