Obama asks Congress for $3.7B for border reform

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President Obama Tuesday requested emergency funding for immigration and border issues, mostly to keep more kids from coming and to send back home the kids who are already here.

That money would be split into three pots: $1.6 billion to beef up border security with more agents, $1.8 billion to take better care of the 50,000+ kids being detained and another $300 million for a campaign to convince central American parents not to send their kids to the U.S. The president also wants an OK from Congress to deport more kids without delay.

Some Democrats oppose a rush to deport children, though.

"We're not asking that they all get amnesty, but we do need a little humanity here," said Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas). "There's a reason we just don't throw them back into the river or drive them back into the desert."

The White House blames the backlog on a Bush-era law protecting central American kids.

"Y'know, this is the oldest trick in the Obama book: blame George Bush. It happened in 2008. Really?" responded Rep. Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma).

In 2005, President Bush famously flew over New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina instead of immediately visiting. Critics claim President Obama visiting Texas for fundraising but not visiting the border will have the same effect for him.

Despite their differences, Republicans agree this is an urgent humanitarian crisis and they plan to quickly consider the President's call for emergency spending to slow the flood of children.