Obama administration delays major requirement of health law

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The Obama administration says it's delaying a major part of the president's health care overhaul law, the requirement that medium and large companies offer coverage.

In an announcement late Tuesday from the Treasury Department, the administration said it has heard requests from business groups for additional time to comply and will grant another year.

The health law requires companies with 50 or more workers to offer affordable coverage to their employees or face potentially large fines if just one worker ends up getting taxpayer-subsidized insurance.

Indiana response

"The White House has heard from businesses that they needed more time and clarity on rules surrounding ACA implementation. Today's decision is reflective of their willingness to make sure they get this right," Rep. Andre Carson (D-Indiana) said.

"Today's delay is an admission that ObamaCare is not working. The President's decision will postpone the damage, but the devastating impact to our economy cannot be stopped without full repeal," Rep. Luke Messer (R-Indiana) said. "Today's announcement gives us two more years to work for the full repeal of the law."

"By delaying the employer mandate, the Obama Administration is providing further proof of what the American people already know-ObamaCare is a disaster that must be fully repealed," Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-Indiana) said.

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