“Oatmaha” Indy, Denver breweries join in beer buzz for Manning’s return

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Peyton Manning makes his grand return to Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday afternoon as the undefeated Denver Broncos take on the Indianapolis Colts. 

The game has some Colts fans feeling a little torn, but a group of brewers are hoping to make it better with beer.

They can't say his name, but they will drink in his honor. Indiana and Denver beer companies are brewing up an ale that might remind fans of Number 18.

"It's in homage to a certain quarterback that used to play for a team here and now he plays in Denver," said Tony Fleming, Head Brewer at Tow Yard Brewing Company in Indianapolis.

"The person that we are brewing this beer in honor of, has mentioned in a public forum, that he enjoys light, domestic beer. So we wanted to brew a beer that even that he would enjoy," said Chris Bruns of Factotum BrewHouse in Denver.

The beer is called "Oatmaha" and it will be in cans by Christmas.

For now though, it is the brain and beer child of Tow Yard Brewing Company and Factotum BrewHouse..

"It's just going to be a touchdown in your mouth," Fleming said.

The name "Oatmaha" comes from Peyton Manning's signature audible, "Omaha."

The flavor is driven by golden naked oats.

"We thought, wouldn't it be really cool to create a beer in his homage, and source ingredients from all of the places that he's played," said Factotum BrewHouse's Laura Bruns.

The collaboration goes right down to the ingredients, including Indiana corn and sage from Colorado.

"When we think the flavor is right, we'll pull it off into kegs," Fleming said.

Laura and Chris Bruns are from Indiana. However, like Peyton Manning, they now call Denver home.

Who are they rooting for Sunday?

"The horse team," Chris Bruns said with a laugh.

Fleming is a little less ambiguous.

"The Colts are going to win, they are going to pull out of the rut, and sorry Mr. Manning, but we're going to win," Fleming said.

The two companies are brewing the beer at Tow Yard this weekend. If fermentation goes according to plan, it should be available in about a month.

Laura and Chris Bruns say if Manning stops by their tap room for a glass, it is on the house.