Nurses make blood donation a special occasion

Nurses make blood donation a special occasion
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We know giving blood saves lives, but making the time to actually do it is much easier said than done. That's why one group of local women, has gotten together and taken the concept of Ladies' Night to a whole new level! Instead of an evening at the spa or a night out on the town, they're raising their sleeves to save lives.

It's a very serious task that a group of women perform with the highest degree of fun. It's not difficult to see that setting a regular date at the Indiana Blood Center every couple of months is a party these ladies look forward to.

Carrie, Trina, Missy, Ashly, Christina, and Beth all work together. By day they're part of the nursing staff at Northside Internal Medicine. As if saving lives at work isn't enough, they even take their spare time to save more lives together by donating blood.

"It's great! It makes it go by quicker. It's not as nerve-wracking and it's more exciting. Plus, we usually go eat afterwards. More of a bonding experience for us as co-workers also," said Christina Enochs, blood donor.

"We talk with Jennifer and Lucy a lot here at the Indiana Blood Center and they always make it fun. They always accommodate our group and they know we're going to be loud. They know there's going to be a lot of laughter and we harass each other!" joked Missy Mantooth.

Everyone started giving for their own reasons. Beth Ogle started several years ago under a different employer.

"Do I have to be honest? Because I got a half a day off work if I gave blood!" said Ogle.

But it eventually got much more personal.

"I had to have transfusions when I had both of my kids," she explained.

"I know there's somebody out there that needs what I can give them. I don't have to know ya to be able to help ya," said Trina Callahan.

"We've always raced to see who could give the fastest," said Ogle.

The mandatory refresh period after a donation provides a whole other layer of madness.

"It's so rewarding coming in not only having fun with our friends, but all of us doing something good together to help other people," said Ashly Zobrosky.

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