NRA Members 'Stand and Fight' Rally Draws Thousands to Lucas Oil Stadium

Some of the biggest names in politics and music were in Indianapolis Saturday night for the NRA Convention.

Among them, performing for thousands who packed Lucas Oil Stadium for the 'Stand and Fight Rally', was country music group Alabama and country music star Sara Evans.

Former Alaska Governor and former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin also addressed the rally.

"There is an awakening all across this great land. It's building against this assault on our rights, our values, our traditions," Palin told the cheering crowd of gun owners, in a call to arms of sorts to gun rights advocates.

"We don't need a fundamental transformation of America. We need a fundamental restoration of America. All that is good and free and safe and secure," said Palin.

For NRA members like Sam and Vi Ferge, security these days is tied to the guns they own.

"I've been trying to find a gun that works well for her. We got her a berretta," said Mister Ferge of his wife of forty years.

"I just think its good for protection," said Missus Ferge.

Speeches defending the right-to-bear arms though, were also met by anti-gun activists.

Outside the convention, protestors pushing for stricter gun control said their power will come at the ballot box.

"We can advocate. We can speak to our congressman and our representatives and to let them know that we demand common sense gun regulation like universal background checks," said Marie Delus with Moms Demand Action.

"There are background checks in place right now," said NRA member and gun owner Julie Webb.

Webb said the background checks required now, are effective enough.

"You have to fill out paper work and it goes through the FBI and they do a background check on you," said Webb.

"If you have any type of felonies, you don't get a gun," said Webb.

Gun owners argue that stricter gun control laws will not stop criminals from having their share of guns.  Instead it will just stop law abiding citizens like many NRA members, from getting guns.

The three day convention wraps up Sunday.