NRA event to be Indianapolis' largest conference ever


Indianapolis hosts two of its biggest conventions this month.

The Firefighters Training Conference will bring in an estimated 30,000 people next week. Afterwards, the National Rifle Association comes to town. At 70,000, it's largest conference in city history.

Last year's annual meeting of the NRA drew 86,000 people to Houston to attend seminars, check out the latest firearms and promote gun rights.

In three weeks, the NRA brings its three-day meeting to Indianapolis, which will be the city's biggest convention ever.

The license agreement between the NRA and the Capitol Improvement Board shows they'll be using nearly every square inch of the Convention Center. They'll also be renting Lucas Oil Stadium for a banquet and a Stand and Fight Rally.

According to the contract, the NRA will pay roughly $437,000 to rent the two venues. Because there's so much set up, they'll begin moving in a week before the convention and move out two days later.

While the contract is fairly standard, it does require the NRA to get a license from the public safety director to operate an air gun range.

NRA members are expected to pump $55 million into the local economy with downtown hotels a virtual sell-out and restaurants booked solid. The contract doesn't include plans or costs for security. Those have to be arranged separately.

The conference is expected to draw protesters as well as NRA members. That, too, will be part of the plan.