Not all injuries from the State Fair tragedy are physical

Even those who weren't physically injured may have suffered emotional trauma.

Physical injuries were not the only type of trauma for those who made it through the State Fair tragedy last Saturday.

There are people who are suffering emotionally from the event even as more than a dozen victims at area hospitals try to heal their physical injuries.

Doctors say you didn't have witness what happened to feel the pain from it. In fact, even people not at the fair may need to talk to someone.

Indiana University Health is offering free counseling tomorrow to cope with how the State Fair tragedy is affecting you emotionally. Even people who did everything they could to help may find themselves still upset and even losing sleep because of it.

Robert Babbit is one witness who revisits that awful event. "I'm waking up with that stage coming at me," said Babbit. "I'm losing a lot of sleep and everything. I think a lot of this could have been prevented."

Witness Jennifer Neely says "It's been upsetting. It's been hard watching the actual people when the rafters fell, watching their faces. It's been hard."

Currently, 17 people remain hospitalized with 9 patients at Methodist, three children are at Riley, three at Wishard and two at Saint Vincent.