North side resident shot in arm during robbery


Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers are looking for suspects in a shooting on the near north side.

  A 46-year-old woman was wounded in a robbery.

    All was quiet along the 2300 block of Talbott Street early Sunday morning, as residents took advantage of the sunshine, and mild temperatures. 

     A younger, more affluent neighborhood has emerged here with the growing number of renovated homes in this stretch of the near north side.

    Ryan Lynch has lived in this area for the last few years, "I definitely like the area because it's growing significantly especially the urban and the downtown area is growing."

   He was out walking his dog Sunday morning as he does many does without incident, and he was surprised to hear about what happened overnight.

  "That's very unusual.  That's very uncommon around here. We really don't hear much about that," said Lynch. 

   Police say it was shortly after one o'clock in the morning, a woman was unloading groceries from her car.  She was confronted by suspects who had a gun.  They robbed her of her cell phone and shot her in the arm, she was hit in the left bicep. 

    As police looked for suspects, word was spreading in the neighborhood about what happened.

Craig Shimko was out for a walk with his 8-month old daughter.  He says the incident is not enough to change his opinion about the level of safety here,  "No not really, especially not this community I mean the development around here is ramping up more and more, which I think forms more of a secure border for properties and higher development to come in and I think that's a good thing for the community."

    Lynch said, "I would think a little bit more of a police action, they can come around here a little bit more, just seeing what's going on and observation of eyes, even just the community in general be on the lookout for anything you think is unusual."

     One resident telling us staying safe can be as simple as just being more aware of your surroundings.