North side Indianapolis jeweler recovering from home shooting

Gary Thrapp

For the first time since he was attacked, shot and left for dead, a prominent Indianapolis jeweler talks to us about that happened inside his bedroom.

Gary Thrapp is out of the hospital and back at work, but he lives with a daily reminder of that bullet lodged in his hip.

Thrapp returned to work four days after being shot at his north side home by intruders. He was shot once in the stomach and once in the hip. The bullet is still lodged in his hip.

"Physically I feel great. Mentally, emotionally, it's beyond me," he said.

It happened September 16th just after midnight. Thrapp and his wife were asleep when two men broke through a screen door in the bedroom.

"I latched onto the guy who came through. It wasn't me exploring my options. It was the best option I came up with - it was a split second," he said.

The brief struggle ended in gunfire. Thrapp suspects he was targeted because he's a jeweler. But the intruders were unaware that he doesn't take his work home with him.

"What they got was maybe a couple good things but mostly just little memento kinds of things," he said.

Even though the robbers are still at large, Thrapp says he's not afraid. But he is cautious.

"People who hear this and who may have known me in this community for the last 30 years, they would be inspired now to know that it can happen to them, anywhere, and that if you have an alarm system, use it," he said.

That said, there is a silver lining. Thrapp has received hundreds of get-well cards, including one from a young girl that he shared with Eyewitness News.

"Maybe all you need to feel better is 28 things that will make you smile," he read, and then showed us the list of suggestions: Cheetos, nature programs, bacon, sparkles, and staying up late on weekends.

"It's just amazing how considerate, how warm, how caring people are, that I've known all these years. I'm sorry I had to take a bullet to find out!" he laughed.