North central Indiana residents weary after latest round of snow

Roads were clear in Lafayette at noon.
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Indianapolis got away with a dusting Wednesday, but it was a different story for communities to the north of the metro area.

In Lafayette, there was a thick slush on the pavement all morning. By noon, crews had cleared the roadways and traffic was moving along at a healthy clip on State Road 26 as well as I-65.

The morning started with mixed precipitation that created some problems on the roads. Overnight, heavy rains moved in, then turned to sleet and snow exacerbated by strong winds. Travel was anything but pleasant.

"Well, it wasn't pretty. It is slick. That was about two hours ago when I was driving," said Ken Lee.

At a local apartment complex, we caught up with a maintenance worker who was once again clearing snow from sidewalks.

"I think we did it maybe five or six times last winter. We've probably done it quadruple that this winter," said Travis Gregory.

"I'm really getting sick of it! It's getting old, especially after a warm day like yesterday. I went out and played tennis in the afternoon and then come to work to this!" said Derek Meyer.

Traffic was moving better Wednesday afternoon, but that didn't mean drivers weren't still thinking of warmer temperatures.

"So ready for summer," said Lisa Helms of Indianapolis. "This whole season has been crazy."

Helms works downtown and used an umbrella to shield herself from the elements while walking to appointments.

"When I left the house this morning, it was raining and I was kind of optimistic it would stay raining, but as you can see, it has turned to snow," she said.

But the snow wasn't enough to stop Elliott McNeal from using his bicycle to get around.

"This handles it real good. I have no trouble with it, as long as I change my tires or whatever," he said.

As odd as the weather has been this week, sanitation worker David Motley has a wardrobe to dress for the extremes.

"I've got heavy clothes on today," he said. "I don't know what to think. One day it is 60 or 70 degrees and the next day it is snowing, so we just have to go with the flow."

Brian Downing, visiting Indianapolis from Washington D.C., had to get a picture of the flakes flying to show friends back home.

"It's been surprising. I think we are pretty much done with the snow for Washington D.C., so I was not too happy to see it here," Downing said.

He's in Indianapolis for the Public Library Association Conference and didn't expect to have to dress so warmly. Probably not the "Hoosier hospitality" he was expecting.

"I think the hospitality is great, but the weather is iffy," he said.