Norovirus spreads through Indiana homes

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Eyewitness News has learned of a serious and highly contagious virus making its way through hundreds of Hoosier homes.   

It's called norovirus and it's so severe some doctors are telling people who have it to stay away from their offices.   

The norovirus is basically the stomach flu.  But, doctors say this latest strain of it is particularly aggressive and has parents hand-washing and dis-infecting everything in sight.  We spent the evening with one family battling this bug. 

"You feel week, tired, exhausted, you want to sleep more?" Bobby Williams asked his son. 

It's been a long day for Bobby.  His teenage son is in the throes of a severe stomach virus complete with vomiting and diarrhea. 

"A healthy video-playing teenager and woke up this morning to my wife about 6:00 this morning with my wife saying he had been ill all night," said Bobby. 

"You want some more Sprite, you want some crackers," asked Bobby. 

A request for solid food was an encouraging sign. 

"That surprises me quite a bit! Four to five hours ago, he wasn't looking like he was going to eat until tomorrow," said Bobby. 

It's called the Ferrari of viruses and with good reason.  It spreads super-fast from person to person and from surface to person, which is why Bobby has been so diligent in his disinfecting. 

"This is kind of the whole area where he hangs out the most so that's why I thought it would be a good idea to get some more Lysol down here," said Bobby. 

But, the best cleaning may only go so far.  Even doctors are trying to keep sick patients away saying this bug is so highly contagious, they're trying to offer as much advice over the phone as possible.  That's simply rest, drink plenty of fluids and let it run its course. 

Back at the Williams residence, Bobby and his wife have two other children, including a three-year-old.  So this sick patient is under quarantine, restricted to the bedroom and bathroom only.

"We're all trying to stay healthy obviously with everyone being indoors, we're more susceptible to catching whatever bug that's running around," said Bobby. 

By all accounts, the most severe of this virus lasts for eight to ten hours.  That was the case with Bobby's son.  While they've stuck to clear fluids most of the day, he says he was tempted to try grandma's home remedy of liquefied Jell-O saying when your child is that sick, you're tempted to try anything.