Noblesville woman in court on charges in fatal crash

Paige Byers
A Noblesville woman arrested in a deadly drunk driving crash is scheduled for a court appearance Tuesday afternoon.

Two people died in the Saturday night crash at 96th and Fall Creek Road.

Paige Byers, 22, faces six charges. She posted bail and bonded out of jail around 3:00 am.

Officers say they found Byers behind the wheel of a car that crashed into a family's SUV on Fall Creek Road Saturday night.

The other driver, David Foster, and his daughter, Whitney Miller, died in the crash. Foster's wife Marsha is recovering from injuries.

Byers' blood alcohol level measured .10, according to police records.

Read the court documents here.

Court documents say Byers told police on the scene she had had several drinks that evening, then got into an argument with her boyfriend and drove to clear her head. She apologized, saying that she took the corner to closely and didn't think anyone was on the road.

In court today, the judge will most likely enter a not-guilty plea for Byers, appoint her an attorney if she can't afford her own and schedule a trial for her to answer to the long list of charges.

Donations for the family of Whitney Miller are being accepted at Fortville Nazarene Church. Click here for more on what they have asked for and how to donate.