Noblesville Police warn residents about car break-ins

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After three reports of personal items being stolen from vehicles, the Noblesville Police Department is warning residents not to leave anything valuable in their cars.

You're advised not to leave anything in plain view - even if you're just running inside for a minute. Take your purse or wallet with you.

Police say they had three reports of purses and other items being stolen out of vehicles on Nov. 20th.

If you become a victim of a theft of your purse or wallet call the Noblesville Police Department (317-773-1300) and report it.

Report the theft to your bank immediately, as well as any other credit card companies that you may have had cards with that may have been in your purse, or wallet. It is possible for thieves to use your credit cards quickly after the theft.

Anyone who sees suspicious activity in a parking area, along streets, or near parked vehicles should call 911 immediately.